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On 4 September 2020


Girls’ Writing About War

Friday 4th Sept., 1.30pm*

‘War is an Ecstasy, Risk is Wild’: Girls Writing War in the Nineteenth Century
Dr Emma Butcher (Edge Hill University)

(Preceded by introductions and welcome to the workshop.)

Panel 1

Gender and Sexuality

Friday 4th Sept., 3pm*

‘Female’ military masculinities: gender non-conforming women warriors and beyond
Dr Catherine Baker (University of Hull)

Joans and Pearls, Furiosas and Guerrillères: Queer Women, War, and the Apocalypse
Héloïse Thomas (Bordeaux Montaigne University)

Building the Warrior Women Project: Digital Humanities and a Broadside Ballad Archive
Erika Carbonara (Wayne State University)
Robert Chapman-Morales (Wayne State University)
Professor Simone Chess (Wayne State University)
Kelly Plante (Wayne State University)
Lindsay Ragle-Miller (University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill)

Panel 2

Nationalism and Propaganda

Friday 4th Sept., 4.30pm*

French Invasion Heroines and their Afterlives
Professor Alison Fell (University of Leeds) 

Beautiful Warriors or Chaste Patriots: Representation of Women Soldiers in Turkish Media
Dr Senem Kaptan (Rutgers University) 

From Magical to Martial: The Evolution of the Representations of the Red Lanterns in Twentieth-Century Chinese Visual Culture
Karen Wang (Yale University)

Panel 3

Activism and Exclusion

Friday 4th Sept., 6pm*

Guerrilla Girls, Wonder Women, and Menstruating Mothers: Iconographies of IRA Women in Armagh Gaol, 1970-1980
Samantha Haddad (New York University) 

Indigenous Women Warriors of the Americas, 19th Century
Dr Suzanne McLeod (University of New Mexico)

“Unlikely heroes” and “badass women in bomber planes”: representations of the female warrior in Heavy Metal
Julia Ribeiro S C Thomaz (Université Paris Nanterre/EHESS) 

* Times are in Irish Standard Time/British Summer Time (GMT+1). For an indicative overview of the programme in other timezones please see the table below!

Programme Timezone Converter (Friday)

Eastern Daylight Time (GMT-4)British Summer Time (GMT+1)Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)Turkey (GMT+3)
Keynote08:30 – 09:3013:30 – 14:3014:30 – 15:3015:30 – 16:30
Panel 110:00 – 11:0015:00 – 16:0016:00 – 17:0017:00 – 18:00
Panel 211:30 – 12:3016:30 – 17:3017:30 – 18:3018:30 – 19:30
Panel 313:00 – 14:0018:00 – 19:0019:00 – 20:0020:00 – 21:00